Student Testimonials

Liselotte Staal – Internship at Let’s eat magazine

“As soon as I knew I wanted to do my internship abroad, I contacted Internship Bali. I have been to Bali twice, but this time I wanted to live like a true local. When I told Internship Bali that I was interested in a copywriting internship, they presented me my dream job: working at a food magazine in paradise! I couldn’t be more enthusiastic and I said yes right away.

When they hired me at the magazine, I could start arranging everything. Internship Bali helped me with finding a great place to stay. An apartment complex with a lovely owner who did everything for me; showed me the whereabouts in the neighborhood, helped me with grocery shopping and even cleaned my room every once in a while!They also arranged a motorbike for me, which you will be needing a lot on Bali, and my international drivers licence. But most importantly they arranged my VISA as well.

I thank them deeply for making my Bali-time unforgettable.”

Marieke Crombez – Marketing Internship Surfschool

In 2014 I had the time of my life in this beautiful island of Indonesia called ‘Bali’.

As a communication student I was given the opportunity to do a marketing internship for a surfschool in Kuta. Working (and surfing) during the day, sunset drinks and dinners with friends during the night. In the weekend there was plenty of time to explore the rest of this beautiful place. An island full of diversity: with beautiful beaches in Uluwatu, peaceful rice fields in Ubud and traditional Hindoeistic rituals wherever you go.

This experience would not have been possible without the help of ‘Internship Bali’.

Not only did Internship Bali find a suitable and interesting internship for me, they also helped me with organizing my life in Bali. They found me a great accommodation, helped with my visa, rented a bike for me and even picked me up at the airport. Besides that, there was a contact person available, who I could reach whenever I had a problem or any questions.

Bali is the most beautiful place to do your internship and experience a new culture at the same time. The island has something magical which makes you feel relaxed and carefree. Because In Bali, everyday feels like Sunday.

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