Sending Your Belongings Home

If you’ve been in Bali for a longtime, you’ve probably accumulated quite a few possessions and you’ll need to decide which ones you want to take home. Don’t leave this until the last minute because you might need time to arrange some things.

send from bali send your belongings

Airlines charge a high price for excess baggage, so check with your airline what the baggage allowance is and consider sending additional items via a freight company. To check that you are not in possession of anything that cannot be taken into your home country you can contact your country’s embassy or consulate. It is also worth checking whether the authorities in your home country will charge any excise duties on goods you are importing. For more information about Sending Your Belongings Home you can visit the website Send from Bali or Facebook page and ask about their special student rates. Send from Bali has a Door to Door service and is one of the most reliable shipping companies in Bali.


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