Interview with Merel, trainee as event coordinator

Hi, Merel, Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Merel and currently studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Haarlem at the department of Media and Entertainment management. This is a four-year Bachelor program preparing me for various jobs in the entertainment industry. I’m in my final year now and that’s why I had to complete a 20-week internship at a study related company. 

I’m originally from Holland, 23 years old and live in Amsterdam where also all my friends live. With them I like to go out, have dinner parties, play tennis, go to the movies and other cultural related events. Besides that one of my favourite hobbies is travelling, so that was also one of the reasons to find an internship abroad.

Why did you wanted to come to Indonesia, to Bali?
The reason for me to do my internship abroad is that I’m very internationally orientated. I love to travel. I’m eager to learn about different cultures, meeting new people and experience new things. Beside this, I believe doing an internship abroad is more exciting and it will make me more independent. I loved to go to Bali. I’ve been there for two months during the past two years so I already knew some people here and that it’s a great place to stay. It’s a beautiful island with very nice people and a great atmosphere. Beside that I like to surf and for that Bali is one of the best placed in the world to be.

Can you explain us how did you manage to find your internship?
At first I started searching on Internet for the possibilities of an internship abroad and especially in Bali/Indonesia. That’s how I came in contact with a big company who arrange internships worldwide. The problem was that I didn’t had so much time left and the communication was kind of difficult because everything went from the head office in Europe to Bali and same way back. Also the internships that they had weren’t really related to my study. I started looking further to another company and that’s how I came in contact with InternshipBali.

Why do you choose to contact an organisation rather than finding it by yourself?
I think that it’s much easier to find an internship abroad to contact an organisation. Maybe they already have an internship to fur fill. They also have the right contact’s to connect you to a company that suits your skills and interests.

So…why Internship Bali?
The communication with InternshipBali was really good. Besides it was easy for me because we could do the communication in Dutch the biggest advantage was that the company is based on Bali. The communication was fast because it was one-on-one contact with Theo and not what I experienced from the big company with many different people worldwide. Besides that they could find an internship for me that suited my study and also helped me arrange my visa, accommodation and airport pick-up.

Did you reply to an advert on or did you have specific/ individual requests?
I didn’t reply on a specific advert. I send my CV and letter of motivation and by that information they found the internship that I’m doing now. So that way the internship totally suited my study, interests and skills.

Can you explain us quickly the different application steps?
At first I’ve send my CV and motivation letter, and had my first contact about the possibilities of an internship. After the company found a suitable internship we started with the visa applications. For that I needed a sponsor from Bali and the company took care of that. They took care of my accommodation and after I arrived in Bali and got my airport pick-up they drove me to my new house in Bali. The days after they also took care of renting a motorbike and accompanied me to my first day(s) at the office. So actually the whole application part went really fast and easy thanks to the good help from the company. 

So now, what kind of internship are you doing in Bali?
I’m doing an internship now for event organizer, located in Kuta. Here I work as a marketing and sales intern. I’m writing a marketing plan for the company based on my knowledge I’ve learned during my study. This report will give detailed information concerning the compan, and my personal experience about working there as a trainee. Relevant trends will be analyzed in order to describe the company profile, as well as the internal analyses will provide information about the current performance of the company. At the end of this process I can give suitable recommendations for the companies future. The goal of my recommendations is to put effort in creating a good marketing plan and related strategic advice, in order to improve the company by delivering great value and generate a higher rate of clients and in the end a higher profit.
Besides working on the marketing plan I work wherever I can to accompany with the production of the events. This includes the preparations of the events as well as on location overview and production. 

Can you tell us what is different between doing an internship here, in Bali, and doing an internship in Europe?
The biggest different between an internship on Bali and in Europe is the cultural difference. In the beginning it was really hard to get used to the work ethic here. Also because I was the first intern at this company and they are not used to work with a foreign employee it was hard to get any responsibility. Especially because the company is not so big so there are no specific tags for me to do and most of the communication is in Bahasa Indonesia. That’s why the best suitable thing for me to do was to use my skills to write a marketing- report based on my knowledge from the western market, and how to use that here in Bali/Indonesia.

Can you give any advise to student who want to come for an internship in Bali?
Contact InternshipBali for advice and application! Furthermore try to learn basic Bahasa and talk with the local people. The people on Bali are nice and helpful and give you good advice about cheap shopping, trips, and culture. Maybe you even get an invitation to join one of the ceremonies, which is a nice experience. Don’t hesitate to come all the way to Bali, just do it!

And maybe some more?
Beside work your also have to enjoy your stay on Bali and Indonesia. Don’t be scared to take a motorbike. The traffic can be kind of overwhelming in the beginning. But if you are alert and careful it’s the best way to explore the Island. For me it’s great to drive down south of Bali during the weekends to surf there. And I’m planning to get my PADI diving license here. Kuta is great to party, but also kind of expensive so I would just save that for the weekend. And one of the best things what I love is that there’s food available always and everywhere. Try everything! If you have time after your internship it would be nice to see more of Indonesia.

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