Leila’s Interview

Who are you?

I am Leila and I am 19 years old. I am from Raalte, the Netherlands. I am studying International Business and Management and I am currently in my third year. For my study I had to go abroad for an internship. I am very interested in Asia and also the Indonesian culture, that’s why I chose to do my Internship in Bali.

I found my internship thanks to Internship Bali. I am responsible for the marketing and event organizing of Volunteering Programs Bali. Internship Bali provided me with the internship but also with my accommodation, my sim card and my motorbike.

How was your arrival in Bali?

I travelled all by myself to Bali. I didn’t know anyone when I left the Netherlands but I met Kim at the airport when I arrived. Kim is another Dutch student who arrived on the same day as me. The day after my arrival, Julie came to help us to feel at home in. Julie is very friendly and thanks to her my first day in Bali was very easy. After the visit of Julie, Kim and I went to visit the rice fields with other students.

How do you feel after 2 weeks in Bali?

After two weeks in Bali, I already feel at home. Balinese people are very friendly and welcoming. Moreover, there are a lot of Dutch students with me in my accommodation. My internship is very interesting and the city where I live is great. It’s a very good start for my stay in Bali.

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