Coaching and guidance Internship Bali

The internship will prepare the student for future work as a professional. To take an internship abroad offers the opportunity to experience a different culture and to work in a different environment. This requires professional guidance for these cultural differences might complicate the learning process of the intern.

During the internship the student will learn to take responsibility for their own learning process and is supported by the guidance of professionals Berry Reijnen and Angelien Peeters. Both of which have a large record in Higher Professional Education and related fields.


Below a brief profile:

Berry Reijnen (teacher/coach):

Is of Indonesian descent. Has visited Bali numerous times and is currently living in Bali.

Previously employed by HAN University of Applied Sciences for thirty years as a Drama teacher of Theory and Method as well as being a tutor.

Focus points during guiding process: the creative- and methodical approach of the intern in the working field.

Is extensively experienced in working abroad.

Angelien Peeters (trainer/coach):

Has visited Bali numerous times and is currently living there.

Previously employed as a trainer/coach from 2002- 2012 by a semi government institution that assists people who are dissociated from the labour market to find a job. Before that she was long time working as a speech therapist.

Focus points during guiding process: coaching personal learning processes in work-related situations and training the intern’s competences that are related to their professional profile.

Volunteer work in Bali

In 2009, 2010, and 2011 both Berry and Angelien worked as volunteers for a foundation that aims to share knowledge and experience by counselling and educating children with a mental disability on Bali. Their work involved coaching and counselling Balinese teachers and Dutch volunteers, developing teaching methods in consultation with the Balinese teachers, and composing an education curriculum at the request of the board. Since September 2012 Berry and Angelien are working as coaches of second and third year students from European universities of applied science with various fields of study e.g. Facility Management, Business and Management, Occupational (Ergo) Therapy, Cultural studies, Educational Social Care studies in Bali. They worked in collaboration with the Internship Bali office.

Coaching can offer support while dealing with questions or issues concerning teamwork, (labour) disputes, and learning how to deal with tough or new situations in life.

Coaching and guiding interns:

Starting point of coaching interns: the internship prepares the student for future work as a starting professional.

Final goal of coaching: the student learns to take responsibility for his or her learning process.

Focus points:

  • Development of vocational skills
  • Social abilities
  • Personal development

The guidance and coaching process consists of:

  • Meetings in which the personal learning process is discussed in light of the professional field in Bali and Indonesia along with the competences and professional tasks the student has set to achieve during the internship.
  • Coaching meetings are intended to discuss various questions and issues. These meetings have a more  solution-oriented character.
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