Balinese house

Domestic architecture 

Unlike European architecture, Balinese houses and puri (palaces) are not created as a single huge building, but rather a collection of numerous structures within walled enclosure each with a special functions, such as front open pavilion to receive guests, main bedroom, pelinggihan or pemrajan is a small family shrine, living  areas and kitchen.

Kitchen and living areas that helds everyday mundane activities are usually separated from family shrine. Most of these pavilions are created in Balinese balé architecture, a tatched roof structure with or without walls similar to javanese pendopo.

1- Family Temple ( to worship ancestors and the guru)

2- Sleeping Pavilion in the north (bedroom)

3-Work house of the compound to serve all purposes from gathering to sleeping

4- Ceremonial Pavilion, in the East, to perform any kind of ceremonies from birth rites to death rituals

5- Guest Pavilion

6- Granary

7- Kitchen in the south

8- Protective wall


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