A trip to Lombok

First time in Lombok ? Don’t know what to do there ? Here is an exemple of activities you can do there


Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province in Indonesia. Compared to Bali, Lombok is a muslim island (as the others islands in the country) and very beautiful also
Less visited than its neighbour island Bali, Lombok has so much to offer : green and virgin landscape, blue water seas, clean beaches
nothing to compare with turists beaches !

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The best option is to take a driver who can drive wherever you want for the day

We recomAffichage de 20150522_060013.jpg en cours...mand you to visit to go the north of Lombok to visit Seanru waterfalls. Of course, you cannot visit without a guide.
You pay 10 000 roupiah for the entrance and 25 000 roupiah for the guide per person at average. The visit worths it because of the wildness of the location : you have to cross rivers, climb rocks to access the waterfalls
of course, don’t forget to bring your camera to take beautiful pictures of this incredible experience !

After two hours, go having lunch with views on Lombok rice fields and taste local food like urap-urap with chicken : mix of vegetables, rice and chicken ! really tasty !

You can also visit temples in Lombok, especially the Batu Balong Temple, an hinduist temple in a muslim island : a beautiful temple with view on the sea and then go to local market
Be careful to always bargain your items because unfortunately they aren’t home made (like sarongs)




Go to the south of Lombok to explore the beautiful beaches (Selong Blanak, Kuta Beach and Tanjun Ann)
You’ll be amazed by the beauty and cleaniless of these beaches. Nothing to compare with Bali, if you want white sand and less people go there

Have a lunch in a warung on beaches (not so expensive) to drink fresh coconut and enjoy the view

For those who are trained and sporty, if you stay longer, you can go to climb Mount Rijani (a must-see in Lombok)


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