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Preparing for an internship abroad? Do you want your internship to be an unforgettable experience? Do you love culture, beautiful beaches and interacting with different cultures? Internship Bali is the place to be to help you find just that and more.

Internship Bali is the place where we connect growth-orientated individuals, who are looking for a new, unique experience. Internship Bali offers you a chance to study on the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali. We place students from all over the world right here in Bali.

Internship Bali offers you a way to study in Bali and finding the right placement, that is in line with your study. Through our broad network here on Bali, we are  able to find you the perfect place. We will coordinate with you and offer you more than one place where you can choose from.

After finding you the right internship, our service and our work isn’t over yet. With an experienced team at Internship Bali, we make sure you also get the assistance you need while living in Bali, and give guidance to make sure you meet your university requirements. If you would like to know more, please find out here


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Urgently Required

A Dive Centre in the south of Bali offers an exciting way to apply your marketing skills to gain business experience in a fun, unique atmosphere. If you’re an intelligent, driven undergraduate, with a passion for marketing and not scared of water, this is your chance to put your education and talent to work. If this sounds like the kind of hands on internship you’ve been looking for then put on your goggles and apply now!

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How far is it

Often, western tourists are not really prepared for the style of road use and traffic conditions in Bali. Indeed, many are quite worried during their first trip in the more crowded areas.

There is a veritable sandstorm of motorbikes zigzagging in and out of the traffic with the greatest of comfort and ease, even when they are carrying a….


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